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History is about People
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We are the voices of those no longer with us.

In spite of advancements in travel, communication, and technology, life events sometimes change very little. The people who are no longer with us faced life, death, hardships, war, and success and failure much as we do today.

We believe that their communities, their homes, their cemeteries, their accomplishments, the monuments dedicated in their honor, and their lives deserve to be remembered and their story told in the same way as if they were telling the story themselves.

We hope to help today’s generation’s get in touch with the past, with those no longer with us, and share their contributions to history.

Our Mission.

The mission of History Remembered, Inc., is to preserve and enhance the historic character of local, state and national resources through advocacy, education and preservation.

History is about people.

Most history is remembered through the date something happened or the place some event occurred.  But think about that for a moment, in America, July 4th was just another date on the calendar until 1776.  And what changed?  Thanks to the actions of fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence, July 4th became the day of an annual celebration known as Independence Day and the birth of the United States of America.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was just a small unknown town until July 1-3, 1863 when two great armies of over 157,000 men fought the most famous battle on American soil.  Almost immediately, everyone knew the town as simply Gettysburg.